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Smokeless tobacco info

Smokeless tobacco Market information

It is illegal to sell snuff in the entire EU, except for in Sweden which got exempted from the law when entering the EU. Switzerland has joined EU’s ban.

Facts about sale in Sweden and Norway:

Approximately 7500 ton snuff is sold

The sale is distributed on 230 millon cans of loose snuff and portion snuff

Sales have increased 5% per year the last five years

18% of the adult population in Sweden uses snuff

Approximately 200.000 women use snuff

The average age of a user of snuff is 39 years USA is the world’s biggest market for snuff.

Facts about sale in USA:

1 billion cans are sold

Portion snuff only counts for 6% of the sales, but is increasing

Loose snuff counts for 94% of sales

Sales have increased 4% per year the last five years


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