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Smokeless tobacco info

Smokeless tobacco shelflife

To keep Smokeless tobacco for a longer period it should be frozen and you can keep it for at least a year. To avoid frozen Smokeless tobacco from drying out you should freeze it in a freezing bag. Thawing of Smokeless tobacco in cardboard cans should be done in a refrigerator, thus eliminating the condensed water to dissolve the glue in the can. Plastic cans are not sensitive to external moisture and can be thawed in room temperature.

The general recommendation is to keep moist smokeless tobacco refrigerated. The Smokeless tobacco will then be very stable and can be kept for several weeks.

Flavour changes

Flavour changes result in deterioration of taste and aroma characteristics of the product. The Smokeless tobacco might get a stale aroma and taste. These changes are caused by reactions with oxygen from the air, reactions which are very dependent on temperature. We recommend always to keep Smokeless tobacco refrigerated for any longer periods.

Shelf life problems due to growth of micro-organisms are rare. The pasteurisation process during manufacturing normally denatures the natural microflora originating from the tobacco. However, as with pasteurised milk, the pasteurisation process will not render the Smokeless tobacco completely sterile. Under warm storing conditions there remains a small risk of bacteria growth.


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