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Welcome to Smokeless tobacco shop

Buy your smokeless tobacco online at Smokeless tobacco shop. We sell swedish smokeless tobacco, known for its low nitrosamines.
We are your smokeless tobacco shop online with express delivery.1

Smokeless tobacco Brands

We deliver smokeless tobacco brands like General, Offraod, Catch, Lucky Strike, Ettan Grovsnus and Göteborg Rape.

Our shop is cheap smokeless tobacco, and you can order smokeless tobacco online. Buy smokeless tobacco get express delivery. 95% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours. All the products on our website are bought directly from the manufacturers, and are, therefore, of the highest quality, taste and freshness available online today. As all our Swedish smokeless tobacco are brought directly and we purchase them in extremely large amounts, we are able to pass all money savings on to our customers who are willing to Buy smokeless tobacco online. Therefore, you can purchase genuine trademark brands at extremely low prices, and still be guaranteed to receive top quality goods in our shop. Smokeless tobacco shop takes pride in offering the best quality products and support available and our customer support team is ready and waiting for any question or query you may have.

Smokeless tobacco - swedish snus
Thunder Frosted Extra Strong - portion snus
Thunder Frosted Extra Strong -
Thunder Frosted Extra Strong is a portion snus with . . .
price:  €2,69EUR
Skruf Stark - portion snus
Skruf Stark - portion snus
Skruf stark pouch snuff is a pouch snus with slightly . . .
price:  €2,75EUR
Phantom - Classic Blue portion snus
Phantom - Classic Blue portion
Phantom Classic Blue portion snus is a pouch snus with . . .
price:  €1,79EUR
Thunder Original Extra Strong - portion snus
Thunder Original Extra Strong
Thunder Original Extra Strong is a portion snus with . . .
price:  €2,69EUR
General - portion snus
General - pouch smokeless
General portion snus with slightly lemon and tobacco . . .
price:  €2,75EUR
Lucky Strike Portion - porton snus
Lucky Strike pouches smokeless
Lucky Strike Portion snus with taste of pure tobacco . . .
price:  €2,49EUR
General - loose snus
General - loose smokeless
General loose smokeless is a loose packed smokeless with ...
price:  €2,90EUR
Röda Lacket  - loose snus
Röda Lacket - loose smokeless
Röda Lacket loose - Middle rounded, mild and slightly ...
price:  €2,90EUR
Göteborg Rape  - loose snus
Göteborg Rape - loose smokeless
Göteborg Rape loose smokeless - Mild tobacco taste of ...
price:  €2,90EUR
Ettan  - loose snus
Ettan - loose smokeless
Ettan loose smokeless - with a taste of smok and grape ...
price:  €2,90EUR

Tobacco harm reduction with smokeless

Most everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but a lot of people still smoke to get nicotine from tobacco. Few people realize that it is the smoke, not the nicotine or the tobacco that is so unhealthy. The dominant message to smokers is that they must quit or die – there are no other options. But this is simply not true. There are other options for people who cannot or will not stop using nicotine.

Using modern smokeless tobacco products like smokeless tobacco can reduce the risks of tobacco use by about 99% compared to smoking. These products include smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco. And you do not have to chew and spit – many modern products require no spitting and are as easy to use as a breath mint. Using pharmaceutical nicotine products would probably provide a similar reduction, but unfortunately the available nicotine patches and gums are not designed to be good long-term alternatives to tobacco.


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